What is Interactive Advertisement?

What is Interactive Advertisement?

Although the exact origin of the term “interactive advertisement” is unclear, it refers to any advertisement that allows users to engage with the ad in some way. This isn’t limited to digital use only, such as clicking on it, filling out a form, or playing a game. There are also several examples of non-digital interactive ads, although digital interactive ads are easier to create and tend to be more successful.

What’s the difference between an Interactive Ad and a Playable Ad?

Well, there’s no real major difference! They both refer to the same thing. Interactive Ads are also known as Playable Ads since the technology behind them revolves around gamification. At its core interactivity is what games are all about! The choices, options, and decisions while playing a game are all a part of interactivity and vice-versa.

So why choose an interactive ad (AKA Playable Ad)?

In short, because video ads are becoming increasingly unengaging, interactive ads / Playable Ads offer a way for consumers to do more than simply react. Interactive ads are new and exciting, making them more engaging to consumers. They also offer valuable feedback, information, and analytics about your target audience and their behavior. Moreover, interactive ads have been shown to have a significantly higher click-through rate than video ads, with some studies indicating rates as high as seven times greater!

For example, according to a study by MediaMind, interactive ads generated a click-through rate of 6.5%, compared to a click-through rate of 0.1% for non-interactive ads. Additionally, a survey conducted by Nielsen found that interactive ads outperformed non-interactive ads in driving purchase intent, with an 11% lift compared to a 2% lift for non-interactive ads.

But why is this the case?

It’s no secret that video ads are now more popular than image ads. Social media trends are constantly evolving, and consumers’ attention spans are decaying annually. In fact, according to a study by Microsoft, the average attention span of a person has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds in 2021.

So how do interactive ads work?

At Golden Eagle Technologies, we offer interactive solutions as part of our services, including interactive ads that can be run on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google Ads. As of March 2023, interactive ads must be linked to an app to be able to run, and there is a size limit of 5 MB.

TLDR Conclusion

In conclusion, interactive ads, also known as playable ads, provide an effective way for consumers to engage with advertisements by offering a more exciting and interactive experience. They offer valuable feedback and analytics, and studies have shown that they have a significantly higher click-through rate and better performance in driving purchase intent compared to non-interactive ads. This is especially important in a digital age where consumers’ attention spans are dwindling, and video ads are becoming less engaging. At Golden Eagle Technologies, we offer interactive solutions, including interactive ads that can be run on various platforms, provided they are linked to an app and meet the size limit of 5 MB.


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