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Casual, Story, Match-3, Puzzle


Mobile (Android & iOS)

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About Gergaoon

Compete with your friends and family to get as much candy as you can in this Arabian-themed game “Gergaoon”!

🍬 Collect the candies using the basket or slide and match candies in this unique Match 3 game that is filled with thrill and critical thinking! Travel with Ali & Fatima through various lands in the Arabian Peninsula by solving the different awesome levels leading to an endless journey through the whole world!

🍡 Think quickly and plan well throughout solving and playing the different levels with their puzzles and help yourself to a wide assortment of power-ups and boosts!

🍩 Play hundreds of brilliantly made levels just for you which we continue to add to every week alongside many other features and sweet tweaks!

🍰 Come back every day to the game to receive various rewards to help you on your journey to become the best candy collector in the world!

🍧 Play many different levels with their own puzzles like breaking chocolate pieces, jelly pieces, reaching a score goal, matching specific kinds of candy, and more!



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