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Golden Eagle – Haetham Alhaddad

Golden Eagle (aka Haetham Alhaddad), based in Bahrain, is a dynamic and versatile Game Developer, Designer, and Producer who has worked on a variety of game projects for clients all across the globe. From creating new games to enhancing existing ones. He is always dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering memorable moments in entertainment.

He prides himself on his collaborative approach with clients, ensuring the realization of successful and profitable projects.

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Proud to have worked with partners and clients from every continent around the world!


Games that feel like it’s from the future

Specialized in creating customized interactive experiences and gamified solutions that perfectly align with your brand and target audience.

Full-Cycle Development

From concept to deployment with our comprehensive game development services. We handle everything from game design and art to programming, testing, and seamless deployment.

I have a team of experienced and talented developers

I use the latest technologies and development techniques

I’m committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is realized.

Interactive Solutions

Elevate your brand with customized interactive experiences and gamified solutions. We focus on understanding your unique needs, delivering bespoke solutions aligned with your vision and budget.

We create interactive experiences that are tailored to your specific needs and goals

Gamification is a powerful tool for engaging audiences and driving desired behaviors

Perfect Alignment with Your Brand and Target Audience


If you have an in-house team but need an extra push for your game development project, we are here to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I can provide additional development resources

Implement new features and functionality into your game.

Optimize your game for performance and stability.


Connect with over 450 million players in the Arab market by bringing your game to life through our cultural and linguistic localization expertise. Or do the reverse and expose your project to billions by localizing it to English and Japanese!

We have a team of experienced translators and localization experts

We can translate your game into Arabic to meet MENA market with over 450 million players

We can adapt your game to different cultures, including adjusting the UI, text, and imagery

Game Porting & Cross-Platform Development

Extend the reach of your game by adapting it effortlessly to various platforms. Our team ensures a unified gaming experience, making your game accessible to a broader audience.

We take care of everything, from code conversion to asset optimization

We understand that players expect a consistent gaming experience across all platforms

We have extensive experience porting games to a wide range of platforms

NFT/Metaverse Service

Immerse your players in the dynamic world of NFTs and the Metaverse with our creative mastery. We specialize in crafting unique and captivating digital realms that redefine player engagement.

Unique and Captivating Digital Realms

I leverage NFTs to create new and exciting ways for players to interact with the Metaverse

We use the latest technologies to create immersive and engaging Metaverse experiences

Tech & Tools

Cutting-Edge Tech

I use the latest technologies and development techniques to create high-quality games.

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