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About Carda Station

“Carda Station” is a web-based metaverse on the moon that allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world filled with various activities and social interactions. The game takes place in a futuristic sci-fi setting, and players can create their own avatars to explore the game world and interact with other players. The game features a wide range of activities, including exploration, quests, crafting, trading, and more.

The game is developed using Unity, and incorporates a set of advanced features such as Ready Player Me integration for customizable avatars, a comprehensive HUD for intuitive navigation, SmartFoxServer for multiplayer interactions, analytics for data-driven insights, and racing experiences.

In Carda Station, players can explore a realistic lunar settlement and interact with other players through hangouts, games, and events, creating a vibrant social community within the metaverse. The ownership of virtual land in Carda Station empowers players to design and create their own custom experiences, unlocking limitless creative possibilities. By attending events, visiting shops, and embarking on thrilling adventures, players can immerse themselves in the everyday life of a lunar settlement and uncover the mysteries of the unknown.

Carda Station is a new take on virtual worlds, with the use of blockchain technology, game development tools, and a large virtual environment set on the moon, it presents a new and unique experience unlike any other. The virtual world of card station presents a new frontier of immersive gameplay, social interaction, and creative expression, where the possibilities are as vast as the open world lunar landscape itself.


Game Features

Ready Player Me Avatars

Within the development process, significant contributions to creating a set of in-game functionalities were made. These functionalities include the ability to switch characters, implement a loading screen, design the game UI, and optimize game performance through sectoring.

In certain parts of the game, players have the opportunity to enter buildings on the moon. When this occurs, the character avatar switches from wearing a spacesuit to a custom character created by the player. It was essential to ensure that this character swap is not only visible on the player’s local device but also synchronized across the network, allowing other players to see the change

Community Hub

Loading System & UI

We developed a loading screen that managed the flow of scene transitions within the game. This loading screen incorporated several features, such as changing the background image to provide visual variety, displaying helpful tips for the player’s guidance, managing the game’s state and different phases, and ensuring that the loading process only stops once the level has fully loaded, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Loading screen

Game HUD & Mini-Map

The game’s UI played a crucial role in facilitating player interaction. One of the key features we implemented was the creation of a map UI, which visually represented the overall 3D map and displayed it in the game’s menu. This allowed players to have a better understanding of their surroundings and navigate the game world more effectively.

Another aspect of our work on the game UI involved designing and implementing the settings UI, which allowed players to customize various game options according to their preferences, such as adjusting graphics settings, audio preferences, or input controls.

Additionally, we developed and integrated an inventory system into the UI. This inventory system enabled players to modify their avatar’s appearance or state by selecting different items or equipment. For example, players could equip a jetpack to enable flying or ride a car to drive on the moon’s surface, providing diverse gameplay experiences and enhancing player immersion.

Game HUD

Game Optimization

During the game’s development, we encountered a performance issue where certain scenes became too large, negatively impacting device performance and ultimately affecting the player’s experience. To address this problem, we implemented a technique widely used in the gaming industry called “sectoring.”

Sectoring involves dividing the expansive game world into smaller chunks, or sectors, which can be loaded based on the player’s location and the direction they are looking. By dynamically loading and unloading sectors as needed, we reduced the strain on system resources, resulting in significant performance improvements. As a result of implementing sectoring, the game’s performance saw a substantial increase of 300% (measured in terms of frame rate and memory usage). This optimization ensured smoother gameplay and enhanced the overall gaming experience for players.

Development Summary

In summary, a pivotal role in creating various in-game functionalities was played, such as character switching, a loading screen with multiple features, a comprehensive game UI encompassing map representation, settings customization, and an inventory system. Furthermore, we successfully improved game performance through the implementation of sectoring, resulting in a remarkable 300% boost in performance metrics.


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حول Carda Station

“محطة Carda” عبارة عن لعبة metaverse على الويب على سطح القمر تتيح للاعبين الانغماس في عالم افتراضي مليء بالأنشطة والتفاعلات الاجتماعية المتنوعة. تجري اللعبة في بيئة خيال علمي مستقبلية، ويمكن للاعبين إنشاء صور رمزية خاصة بهم لاستكشاف عالم اللعبة والتفاعل مع اللاعبين الآخرين. تتميز اللعبة بمجموعة واسعة من الأنشطة، بما في ذلك الاستكشاف والمهام والصياغة والتجارة والمزيد.

تم تطوير اللعبة باستخدام Unity، وتتضمن مجموعة من الميزات المتقدمة مثل تكامل Ready Player Me للصور الرمزية القابلة للتخصيص، وشاشة HUD شاملة للتنقل البديهي، وSmartFoxServer للتفاعلات متعددة اللاعبين، وتحليلات للرؤى المستندة إلى البيانات، وتجارب السباق.

في محطة Carda، يمكن للاعبين استكشاف مستوطنة قمرية واقعية والتفاعل مع اللاعبين الآخرين من خلال جلسات Hangout والألعاب والأحداث، مما يخلق مجتمعًا اجتماعيًا نابضًا بالحياة داخل Metaverse. إن ملكية الأرض الافتراضية في Carda Station تمكن اللاعبين من تصميم وإنشاء تجاربهم المخصصة، مما يفتح إمكانيات إبداعية لا حدود لها. من خلال حضور الأحداث وزيارة المتاجر والشروع في مغامرات مثيرة، يمكن للاعبين الانغماس في الحياة اليومية للمستوطنة القمرية وكشف أسرار المجهول.

تعد محطة Carda بمثابة تجربة جديدة للعوالم الافتراضية، مع استخدام تقنية blockchain وأدوات تطوير الألعاب وبيئة افتراضية كبيرة على القمر، فهي تقدم تجربة جديدة وفريدة من نوعها لا مثيل لها. يقدم العالم الافتراضي لمحطة البطاقات حدودًا جديدة من اللعب الغامر والتفاعل الاجتماعي والتعبير الإبداعي، حيث تكون الاحتمالات واسعة مثل المشهد القمري المفتوح في العالم نفسه.